Salzer Design

About Miriam Salzer and Salzer Design

I have a background in art and design and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years I have shifted from being a web designer to being a software engineer. I've been employed full time by other companies since 2006. As a software engineer, I'm part of teams that build and maintain web applications.

Salzer Design has nothing to do with those applications, it's my personal site. The Website section highlights sites I've made by myself. These are websites for artists and non-profit organizations.

Right now I'm trying out a plugin for rounding corners in old IE. These first few pages use no images except for content (screen shots of websites).

Projects and Tests

I use my personal website to test isolated technical features. Here are links to a few test pages I've made for myself. Most of these are quick demos, not primarily intended for other people to see.