The Box

The Box, a short story by Zoe Swenson (who is my cousin), pulls you along until the somewhat surprise ending. I say somewhat, because the ending is foreshadowed and the whole story leads to it, but in a subtle, slightly eerie way. When you get to the end it makes perfect sense but you weren’t expecting it.

The Box catches emotions and is exquisitely crafted. in I highly recommend reading it!

Street Beats with Today’s Future Sound

Yes, I made a beat, thank you Today’s Future Sound and especially DaRapNerd. If I could go back into it I would adjust the volume of various tracks. This was really fun but in the photo I’m concentrating.

Today's Future Sound with DaRapNerd Photo by Marie Applegate.

Two Honest Hours

Last post I told you about a new composer to watch, Fourteen year old Ronan Kelleher. Here’s his second composition played in the concert hall as part of the University of Alabama’s fall Spectrum concert. (The piece only runs about 3 or 4 minutes, not two hours.) This isn’t available yet in the usual music marketplaces (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) but watch for it soon.