Dogs and Ibuprofen, Pills in Pockets

There was a woman who walked her dog each day at a dog park.  She kept a pocket full of dog treats and handed them out to each dog that came to greet her.  One day she gave a dog a treat and then realized that it was not a dog biscuit but a super ibuprofen pill she had in the same coat pocket.  The dog had eaten it and although she told the dog’s owner what had happened, neither owner realized the gravity of the situation.

Later, the dog threw up but the owner figured the dog was getting the pill out of her system.  The next day, the owner took the listless dog to the vet who had to keep the dog there for several days on an IV.  Ibuprofen can cause kidney failure and permanent damage in dogs (and people as well).  The dog is doing well now, but might have some permanent damage and will have to have her kidney function tested every year for the rest of her life.

Apparently lots of people carry ibuprofen around in their pockets, and apparently lots of people also carry dog treats in their pockets too.  Even though putting pills and dog treats in the same pocket might sound kind of gross, it seems to be a very common practice.

Hopefully reading this can help prevent accidents for others.

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