Afro-Pop grab bag just posted a new fundraising plan where they send you a free CD if you donate $20. I just did and hope I get a really great CD!

Looking around the office, we noticed a large assortment of awesome CD’s that we weren’t sure what to do with. So, we grabbed them all and tossed them into our now overflowing “Awesome Afropop Grab Bag Box.” Who’s doing the grabbing, you ask? After much discussion, we’ve decided to give the CD’s to our fans because we love you so much (you rock, for real).

…either donate $20 or introduce 10 friends to Afropop by getting them to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our eNewsletter.

Now for the twist!

The next 100 Afropop fans to donate $20 or more to the campaign will get a free CD (or gift card) drawn at random from our really really eclectic, “Awesome Afropop Grab Bag Box.” You won’t know which CD you’re going to get, and frankly, we won’t either. Kind of exciting, huh?

AfroPop is a great organization for anyone who is interested in music from the African diaspora (which includes the Americas).  I highly recommend the site.  They are beginning to do more with streaming and videos so that those outside the New York area can listen at any time.