Sterioblind – Feb 9-12

If you’re in the San Diego area, check out Sterioblind

This short film is my sister’s MFA dance thesis. She explores dance and her attempts at seeing with both eyes at once (stereo vision). Rebecca was born with crossed eyes and has had surgeries to correct the muscles. She is trying to train her brain to register the input from both eyes at once, not just one eye at a time. In order to have depth perception (3d), one needs to register the input from both eyes at once. She has been doing exercises and seems pretty close to a break through. Her thesis is very unusual in that it explores this journey as well as what it means to realize that your perception of the world is more limited then you would like. She shows fascinating parts of dances, which we wish we could see more of, but that’s part of the point. The film mixes expert commentary about vision with the dance scenes.

I hope that my sister will post this film somewhere on the internet where everyone can see it.