Salzer Design


Here is a sampling of sites made by me as Salzer Design. Salzer Design specializes in websites for small business, public benefit corporations, and artists. Many of my clients want a clear, inviting format that puts their creativity in the forefront. As an artist myself, I am able to explain the technical options available as we move through the design process. I work closely with clients, always including them in key decisions.

I have not had much time to work as Salzer Design since 2006, when I started working as a software engineer for other companies. Many of Salzer Design's sites either lasted for many years or are still going strong. I'm proud that my sites have such longevity!

The links on the left are a sampling of sites that I developed end to end from project inception to final delivery.

CJC Member Site


This Ruby on Rails site is used for a small organization primarily as a database. It uses permissions (most parts of the site are private) and allows members to update contact information and to generate spreadsheets. One area of the site uses a plugin for calendar conversion. Tables are searchable and sortable.

Flash Animation


This was a bilingual site for Fairmount Elementary School's annual fundraiser, Fiestaval. The first page gets the viewer in a fun mood with a Flash animation that I created using music I made using Garageband and a logo designed by Nancy Windesheim.

There were sortable tables for the live and silent auctions items. I programed this using PHP and a MySQL database. The site was new in 2004 and was reused the next year. In 2004 this website contributed to the %150 increase in funds raised at Fiestaval over the previous year.

Northern Light Studio LLC


This organization brings historical art techniques to life. The latest version of the site uses Angular.js, Bootstrap.css and a responsive design. (The logo was taken from the painted door of a northern artist.)

Playwrights Project


This client is an arts education organization that promotes literacy, creativity, and communication skills through drama-based activities. Most of their programs serve young people through playwriting and production, however they market to adults. They wanted the site to convey humor and youth, without being trite. They have a great logo, which I used to design the graphics specific to each page following the home page.

"Miriam understood our need to communicate playfulness, originality and high professional standards. She is an excellent designer and webmaster."

Executive Director, Playwrights Project


This client is a painter with a large body of varied work. She wanted the site to have the feel of a traditional museum, thus communicating the timeless quality of the pieces.

The site is over 100 pages, displaying distinct series of paintings and prints spanning the artist's long career. One series uses Polish letters not supported by the standard lettersets, which presented a technical challenge. We used the font from the artist's letterhead for titles.

"As an artist, I cannot imagine a better presentation of my work on-line than the web site that Miriam Salzer has designed and built for me.
Her intuitive understanding of my work and her responsiveness to my ideas, coupled with her imagination, taste and technical skills made it a real pleasure to work with her with from beginning to end."

Sarah Belchetz-Swenson

TALKLine Family Support Center


This client is a non-profit organization that works to prevent child abuse. This site is for parents who use the client's services. To make it friendly and inviting, I used warm yellow for the background and a "handwritten" font for titles.

"Miriam was able to capture the warm, welcoming attitude we wanted to communicate to parents looking for a place to come when they feel stressed. She developed a site that spoke to parents' concerns and reflected our wish to make it easy for parents to ask for help when they need it.";

Diane Suffridge
Director, TALKLine Family Support Center
A Division of SFCAPC
San Francisco

TRANSIT Dance Company


This client was a modern dance company with a German Expressionist aesthetic, which I worked toward in the site.This site, with most of the original design and code from 2000 lasted over a decade!

"Miriam was an excellent source for taking our small company onto the web. She captured TRANSIT's style in graphics, our more intense concert work as well as my light hearted teaching style.

She gave me suggestions for search engines and hooked us into a web-hosting company that makes it easy for even a "low tech artist" like myself to get into the site and update concert information and company biographies.

I highly recommend Ms. Salzer for her knowledge, attitude and affordability."

M. Koob
Artistic Director

Rebecca Salzer Dance Theater


This client was a modern dance company known for the witty, topical choreography of its founder, my sister. I used the logo in a Flash animation on the home page (as well as a non-flash fallback). Most pages have the wave header and the RSDT logo at the top. I selected the photos from several hundred and edited them to bring additional movement, through their curved edges, to the site.